Covestro Desmodur N3800 HDI polyisocyanate curing agent increases flexibility

Type Fat Family polyisocyanate (elasticHDItrimer)
Form of Supply None Solvent
Purpose Use Curing agent component for lightfast polyurethane coating systems


Features Value Measurement unit Method
NCOcontent 11.0 ± 0.5 % DIN EN ISO 11909
viscosity,</sp; Dosmodur® N3800 can be mixed with: Aliphatic Polyisocyanateas Desmodur® N100, N75, N3200, N3400, N3600 and Desmodur® Z4470; AromaticPolyisocyanates such as Desmodur® L, HL and IL; Polyol polyesters such as Desmophen® 670;polyacrylic Esters such as Desmophen® A series. Compatibility must be tested before use. However, Desmodur® N3800 cannot be mixed with branched polyhydroxy polyesters such as Desmophen® 651 and polyhydroxy polyethers such as Desmophen® 1380BT.

Dosmodur ® N3800 is mainly used as a curing agent in lightfast two-component polyurethane coating systems. It has high weather resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, excellent gloss retention and outstanding mechanical properties. Preferred co-reactants are polyacrylates or polyol polyesters. The coating system based on Dosmodur® N3800 is mainly used for self-drying and forcedDry car factory paints, automotive refinish and transportation coatings and general industrial and plastic coatings.

The Product is moisture sensitive and should therefore be stored in original airtight container. When room temperature under proper storage conditions, the shelf life of this product is at least 6 months.

Safety: Hazard Identification
Because Contains isocyanates which may cause an allergic reaction in contact with skin. The product safety data sheet must be strictly followed, which includes labeling, transportation, storage and product disposal,Product safety and ecological impact information.