Dabco NMM/Niax NMM/Jeffcat NMM

Dabco NMM/Niax NMM/Jeffcat NMM


Product name: Dabco NMM

English name: N-methylmorpholine. abbreviation: NMM.

Alias: Dabco NMM, Niax NMM, Jeffcat NMM, Lupragen N105, PC CAT NMM, Addocat 101, tertiary amine catalyst NMM

Product Physical Properties:

Appearance: light yellow liquid


Density (25℃,g/cm3): 0.87

Water solubility: insoluble in water

Flash point (PMCC,℃): 100

Hydroxyl value (mgKOH/g): 0

Molecular formula C5H11NO.

Relative molecular mass 101.2.

CAS No. 109-02-4.

Dabco NMM Niax NMM Jeffcat NMM Lupragen N105 PC CAT NMM Addocat 101 Tertiary amine catalysts

Product Usage:

DABCO NMM is a tertiary amine polyurethane catalyst that can be used in conjunction with DABCO B-16 catalyst for the production of polyester-based polyurethane flexible and molded foams. Characteristics and Uses, In the polyurethane industry, used as a catalyst for polyester type polyurethane flexible block foams.

Shelf life.

Keep unopened for two years

Storage and transportation:

Should be kept sealed and stored in a dry, cool and ventilated warehouse


200KG/drum Storage: it is recommended to store in dry and cool area with proper ventilation. Please fasten the packaging cover as soon as possible after the original packaging to prevent the mixing of other substances such as moisture and other substances that may affect the product performance. Store in a cool and dry place, keep the container sealed and avoid contact with oxides. Do not inhale dust and avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes. Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the workplace. After work, shower and change clothes. Store contaminated clothing separately and wash before use. Maintain good hygiene practices. The company recommends that all polyurethane catalysts be stored in a dry, cool and properly ventilated area. All storage containers must be well sealed to avoid contact with water or other affected substances, which may alter the performance of the product in use. The storage temperature is 10°C to 30°C. Lower or higher temperatures are inappropriate and should be avoided if possible.

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