HF-4416 Low Temperature Unsealing Single Component HDI Isocyanate Curing Agent

Model HF-4416

Type Low-temperature unsealable one-component HDI isocyanate curing agent.

Applications One-component baked film coatings of various polyurethane types, primers for various substrates, highly durable industrial paints.

Main Characteristics

Low temperature unblocking at 110°C, fast curing at high temperature, can be used in the field of pre-coating film.

-Good compatibility with various types of resins, light resistance, chemical resistance, improve the physical strength of the film, high weather resistance, resistance to yellowing, water washing resistance, excellent adhesion.

-High storage stability at room temperature.

Product specification


Numerical value

Non-volatile components (%)


Color (Garden)

≦ 1

Viscosity (25℃, mPa.s)


NCO content (%)


Ion type


Density 25℃


PH value



It should be stored at 5℃-30℃, in a dry place indoors, avoiding direct sunlight. Under the specified storage conditions, the expected shelf life of this product is 360 days.

Recommendations for use

It is recommended to add 0.5% catalyst, it can be dried completely in 30 minutes at 115-120 degrees Celsius, but adding 0.5% catalyst will reduce the storage stability of the finished product, the experimental data show that after adding 0.5% tin catalyst, the viscosity of the product will change a lot after being placed at 40 degrees Celsius for 5 consecutive days (40 degrees Celsius for one day is about 25 degrees Celsius for 3 days), and the viscosity will change slightly after being placed at 40 degrees Celsius for 60 days without the catalyst, the viscosity will change slightly. In the case of no catalyst added, the viscosity changes slightly at 40 degrees Celsius for 60 days. Therefore, it is recommended that if the goods need to be placed for a long period of time, the catalyst should be added before use to ensure the storage stability of the product.