Isooctanoic acid CAS25103-52-0

Isooctanoic acid CAS25103-52-0

Product Details

Chinese name:Isooctanoic acid English name:Isooctanoicacid


Storage condition:Dry and sealed

Purity specification:99% Product category:Chemical raw materials

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Isooctanoic acid

Chinese name:2-ethylhexanoic acid

Synonyms:2-Ethylhexanoic acid;2-ethylhexanoic acid;secoctanoic acid,isooctanoic acid;2-ethylhexanoic acid;2-ethylhexanoic acid;German oxea isooctanoic acid;isooctanoic acid\;secoctanoic acid;German OXEA.

English name:Isooctanoicacid

English Synonyms:Isocaprylicacid;Isooctylacid;Isooctansure;I-OCTANOICACID;2-Ethylhexanoicacid;Isooctanoicacid;Isooctanoicacid/2- Ethylhexanoicacid;CecanoicC8acid

CAS No.:25103-52-0

Molecular formula:C8H16O2

Molecular weight:144.21


Property:It is a colorless liquid


Packing:185kg plastic drum

Solubility: slightly soluble in cold water, soluble in hot water and ether, slightly soluble in ethanol.

Use:Used in organic synthesis industry.

Technical and business contact number:Manager Wu 183-0190-3156