Kang Rui (formerly Rhodia) Vencorex Tolonate™ HDT-LV HDI trimer curing agent

Products Overview

Solvent-free, low viscosity aliphatic polyisocyanate trimer based on hexaethylene Methyl diisocyanate trimer (HDI homopolymer)

Suggestions Purpose

Two-component high solids polyurethane coatings and varnishes

Solvent-free polyurethane system

Original car paint, car refinish paint, industrial equipment, plastic parts… … and other exterior protective coatings

Polyurethane resin synthesis intermediate

Products Specifications



Viscosity( 25ºC)


NCO content (Supply Status)


HDI free Monomer


Physics Nature


Clear liquid

Solid content

100% (approx.)

Density (25ºC)

1160 kg/m3 (approximately)

per US Gallon Weight

9.68 lbs

Flashpoint (closed cup)


Equivalent ( Supply status)

183 g (approx.)

dissolve Sex

Soluble in esters, ketones and aromatic hydrocarbons. In most cases, a mixture of esters and aromatics is used. It is recommended to dilute with “urethane grade” solvent (water content below 300ppm)


Tolonate™ HDT-LV is especially used as a cross-linking agent for hydroxyl polymers, especially Polyester and polyacrylic polyols for the preparation of two-component polyurethane coatings or elastomers with excellent outdoor durability and mechanical properties, combined with outstanding solvent, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Due to the low viscosity characteristics of this product, and standard trimer or biuret In comparison, Tolonate HDT-LV can be used in high solids systems. Since it is not diluted with solvents, this product allows great freedom in formulation.

Packaging (please contact our sales staff)

 Made in the United States: net weight 225 kg metal drum

 Produced in France and Thailand: 900 kg net weight per pallet (225kg net weight 4 drums)

 Other Packaging: Available upon request


Not regulated, see Safety Data Sheet for details.

Storage Conditions and shelf life

 Tolonate™ HDT-LV is moisture sensitive and should be stored in original packaging or dry under nitrogen In a protected container jar

 In the original airtight packaging under proper storage conditions at a temperature below 40°C Storage for two years usually does not have any effect on the product.

Easy Flammability and Safety Guidelines

Please refer to the product safety data sheet before use

an style=”background-color:#f1c40f”> Flammability and Safety Guidelines

Please refer to the product safety data sheet before use